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Overdue accounts receivable management services
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The service of Receivable Management
     Receivable debt collection management service: too much receivable debt will influence the company’s funding operation, making the company’s flowing funds become more critical. , the cost of the funds will increase. The long time of the Receivable debt will cause the bad debt and fixed debt, and eat the company’s profit.
    The hard-earned operating result of the company may suddenly reduce because of a bad debt. Even bad thing is that will make the company bankrupted and get closed.
  Check accounts receivable case…  
Receivable debt collection management will provide the following benefits.
1、Dealing with the debt easily and quickly

        Professional AR management consulting service can know about the debtor’s recent situation and assets from different channels, which can help the customers to take rapid action and proper measures to successfully take back the receivable. The experience tells us the faster we take the action of debt collection the more successful rate we will get.

2、It is more flexible and more timesaving than the lawsuit.

        Lawsuit usually takes more money and time, and whatever success or fail, the litigant will pay a amount of money. Although it has the possibility to win the lawsuit, but it doesn’t mean he can withdraw the debt immediately. The professional AR management will make an analysis for your AR immediately, and providing a solution according to the client’s requirement until finally taking back the debt, besides, its skills are more flexible. As to the expense for the consulting service, we take the supreme principle of “no debt recovery, no expense”.


3、Acting as the “mediator” to reconcile.

        Because of the debt dispute, it maybe was caused by the misunderstanding or argument between the debtor and creditor. Professional AR management consulting service would analyze the situation after knowing the whole process, and then act as the “mediator” to reconcile according to the actual case.


4、Cross-border AR management consultation

        If the debt issue happens in the foreign country, or the debtor migrates aboard, we will arrange reliable professional debt Collection Company to demand it. The net of Heaven has large meshes, but it lets nothing through.


5、Acting as the extending part of the company’s financial department.

        The excellent AR management consulting service can provide professional systemic, reliable pattern of AR management. Because of the service is provided strictly according to the client’s requirement. In the short term, it can improve the internal management of AR. In the long run, it can build up AR management department of its own in the way of saving money and labor.



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